At Raylands we usually have a selection of both new and used holiday homes. Prices tend to start from £25,000 for a used holiday home and new holiday homes start at around £55,000. The price that you pay will be for the holiday home to be fully sited at Raylands – this will mean that the home has been fully tested and checked (gas and electric safe) and plumbed in. The purchase price also includes a TV aerial and a set of steps.

Additional costs that you may need to consider are: Pitch fees (eleven month from approx £4,400 payable annually); insurance; electricity (metered) and gas (bottled or metered LPG depending on which part of the Park your holiday home is sited on).

Optional extras that you may wish to opt for include decking and/or skirting through our recommended supplier; draining down service (optional frost precaution service to drain down/ disconnect then reconnect at start of new season)