Raylands Park is currently open. 

Owners can use their Holiday Homes with members of  their own household.

Raylands Clubhouse:  Garden and Takeaway Service Open

During the next few weeks the Clubhouse and owners will  be able to sit and have drinks/ food in the garden or use the takeaway service.

Opening Hours 

Friday 4pm  – 9pm  Food 5pm – 8pm

Saturday 4pm – 9pm

Sunday 12pm – 4pm

Phone; 07773 503099 Email; Raylandspark@hotmail.com

Come and Discover this Small, Secluded Little Gem tucked away in Southwater!
Everybody is Welcome to use our on-site Clubhouse/Bar and come to Events.

Regular Bar Hours; Weds 7pm to 10pm Food served till 9pm
Fri 6pm to 11pm Food served till 9pm
Sat 6pm to 11pm Food served till 9pm
Sun 12 noon to 3pm Food served till 2pm
Extra Opening Hours; Thursday evenings 6pm till 9pm throughout June, July & August

Sat 29th February; Horse Racing Night

Sat 14th March; St Patricks Night Fun
Sat 21st March; Vocalist ‘KAREN BARNETT’ – Raylands Debut!

Sat 4th April; GAZZA’s 1st Quiz of the Year (maximum team size of 6)
Sat 11th April; Easter Meet & Greet/Human Bingo
Sun 12th April; Childrens Easter Egg Hunt 11.30am (restricted to Owners relatives)
Bar Open 7pm till 10pm ‘HOY’ at 7.30pm
Mon 13th April; BUILD a BREAKFAST 9.30 till noon
Sat 25th April; Vocalist ‘EVA POMERY’ makes her Raylands debut!
A few changes to the usual format because of the alteration to the early May Bank
Holiday – sorry……ruined my new diary and wall chart too!

Fri 1st May; BBQ (6.30pm) and GAZZA’S QUIZ (8.30pm)
Sat 2nd May; The ‘GROOVE ACES’ – new band to Raylands
Sun 10th May; BUILD a BREAKFAST 9.30 till noon
Sun 24th May; ‘ABBA’ Girls – back by popular demand Tickets £10.00
Mon 25th May; BUILD a BREAKFAST 9.30 till noon
Sat 30th May; He’s back….‘IAN KG – RELENTLESS’ Ticket Cost £7.50

BBQ and QUIZ; First Saturday of the Month (except for MAY !!)
June 6th, July 4th, August 1st, Sept 5th

Advance Notice;
Sun 7th June; BARNSTORMERS COMEDY NIGHT 7.30pm Ticket Cost £10.00
Sat 20th June; ‘The REVIVALS BAND’ Ticket Cost £7.50
A Raylands favourite, fantastic 5 piece band

Sat 11th July; ‘TREEANNA’ returns to Raylands – get your dancing shoes on!
Sat 25th July; An absolute first (probably the last!!!!) RAYLANDS ENTERTAINERS

Sun 30th August; Alvin – The Ultimate ELVIS Tribute’ Ticket Cost £12.50
Mon 31st August; BUILD a BREAKFAST 9.30 till noon

Sun 4th Oct; BARNSTORMERS COMEDY NIGHT 7.30pm Ticket Cost £10.00
Sat 24th Oct; Bonfire and Fireworks

For further information on any Clubhouse events, please do not hesitate to contact
07773 503099, email Raylandspark@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook.

Christmas is always a special time of the year and here at Raylands Country Park, it’s no different.

We’re open 11 months of the year including December.

We’re open around the Christmas period until 5th January 2020.

Christmas Eve: OPEN 7-10pm

Christmas Day: OPEN 11-1pm

Boxing Day: CLOSED

Friday 27th Dec:  7 – 11 pm

Saturday 28th Dec:  7 – 11pm

Sunday 29th Dec: 12 – 3pm

New Year’s Eve: OPEN 7pm start till late

New Year’s Day: CLOSED

2nd January 2020 Bar closed

Friday 3rd January: 7-11pm

Sat 4th January:  7-11pm

Sunday 5th January:  12 – 3pm



The installation of the wifi is now complete and has given extensive coverage across the park. If you have difficulty connecting to the system, please feel free to contact Steve who will be happy to help.


Recycling has been very successful but please remember not to put carrier bags or bin bags in the blue lidded bins. Empty your recycling and put the bag in the green lidded bin please (general waste).

There are 2 additional black with blue lidded recycling bins by the toilet block, but these are specifically labelled for scrap metal and electrical appliances/cables (no fridges). There is also a black bin at the entrance labelled for cans/aerosols and a smaller wheelie bin for metal and electrical waste.


Please remember that there is a speed limit of 5 (five) miles per hour on site. We do have children visiting who can pop out of unexpected places and there are a lot of dogs on those retractable leads which, if the lock slips let them zoom out round blind corners, so please obey the limit to avoid accidents.

Dog Owners

Please pick up after your dog in the field. Steve and I are always collecting extra mess when we take our 2 over there. One owner recently collected 6 piles on one walk, their own dog being one that can sniff them out before trying to eat them. It’s not that pleasant to mow the field with dog mess flying about either. Please be responsible dog owners.


As you may be aware Raylands Country Park is not connected to the mains sewerage system, our location is too remote to make this possible. We are therefore required to treat our own waste on site and make it safe to discharge into watercourse. Our old (Clinker Bed) system was extremely difficult to maintain and we were notified earlier this year by the Environment Agency that this would shortly become obsolete and non-compliant. Therefore as part of our continued development at Raylands, we have now installed a new (Klargester Enviosafe) sewage waste treatment system to the park.

The new treatment plant whilst extremely effective, relies heavily on the build up of ‘friendly’ bacteria to break down the waste and work efficiently to produce safe readings. The introduction of potent chemicals or greasy/fatty deposits can affect this bacteria from forming and doing its job properly.

We must therefore request that all detergents, cleaning agents i.e. bleach, toilet cleaners, washing powders are replaced with environmentally friendly substitutes. In addition, oil or fat discarded from cooking must not be poured down the sink and should be stored and disposed of correctly. Sanitary products & wet wipes must also be treated with the same care and must never be flushed down the toilet.

There are a number of environmentally friendly substitutes available and to assist this transition to using greener cleaning agents. These are widely available in Supermarkets and we will be selling some of these products at Reception.

It is essential that all holiday home owners and their visitors strictly adhere to these rules. Failure to do so will cause the plant to fail and would affect your services. We will be amending the Park Rules to reflect these changes.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Clubhouse Opening Times

Wednesday Bar 7pm to 10pm (Food 7 – 9pm)
Friday Bar 6pm to 11pm (Food 6 – 9pm)
Saturday Bar 6pm to 11pm (Food 6 – 9pm)
Sunday Bar 12pm to 3pm (Food 12 – 2pm)

Also, open on Thursday nights from 1st June until 28th September from 7pm until 10pm.

Don’t forget that purchasing laundry tokens and ordering/paying for gas can all be done in the Clubhouse when it’s open.


Please be aware that gas orders must be placed 9am & 4pm to ensure delivery and must be paid for in advance.  Orders will not be delivered outside of this allocated time frame.  Gas consumption is the responsibility of the caravan owner to monitor, therefore we recommend that as soon as you switch to another bottle you order a replacement to ensure you never run out completely.  Where the gas is piped in LPG, we will read the meter and invoice at the end of season.


All our holiday homes are individually metered and read once per year. We would be grateful if you settle the balance at the end of the season, a small service charge is issued with the annual invoice.


Please note that if you have any queries/concerns on the Park, in the first instance please speak to one of the Wardens on site. The Wardens details can be found on the main notice board.  Please use these numbers out of hours in an emergency ONLY. You may also contact the Head Office at Roundstone Caravan Depot on 01403 730218. The Park Manager can be contacted on this number too.

Drain Down Facility

For a small fee, we offer a no obligation drain down service where we will endeavour to protect your holiday home from frost when not in use during the Winter season.

Holiday Home Maintenance Services

If you would like your caravan washed, or even the tow bar painted, this can be arranged through our warden Ben. He can even add extra insulation underneath your holiday home to keep you nice and cosy in those cold months!

Decked Balconies

You may arrange through our supplier to have a balcony or skirting added to your holiday home.  You must receive permission from us to do this so that we can ensure that balconies adhere to terms of our site licence and all fire regulations.  We use one supplier (Everlast Decking Solutions) in order to keep the park looking uniform.  The balconies have proved to be very popular and in some instances can almost double the living space of your holiday home.

The Park


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