As you may be aware Raylands Country Park is not connected to the mains sewerage system, our location is too remote to make this possible.  We are therefore required to treat our own waste on site and make it safe to discharge into watercourse.    Our old (Clinker Bed) system was extremely difficult to maintain and we were notified earlier this year by the Environment Agency that this would shortly become obsolete and non-compliant.   Therefore as part of our continued development at Raylands, we have now installed a new (Klargester Enviosafe) sewage waste treatment system to the park. 

The new treatment plant whilst extremely effective, relies heavily on the build up of ‘friendly’ bacteria to break down the waste and work efficiently to produce safe readings.  The introduction of potent chemicals or greasy/fatty deposits can affect this bacteria from forming and doing its job properly. 

We must therefore request that all detergents, cleaning agents i.e. bleach, toilet cleaners, washing powders are replaced with environmentally friendly substitutes.  In addition,  oil or fat discarded from cooking must not be poured down the sink and should be stored and disposed of correctly.  Sanitary products & wet wipes must also be treated with the same care and must never be flushed down the toilet.

There are a number of environmentally  friendly substitutes available and to assist this transition to using greener cleaning agents.  These are widely available in Supermarkets and we will be selling some of these products at Reception.     

It is essential that all holiday home owners and their visitors strictly adhere to these rules.  Failure to do so will cause the plant to fail and would affect your services.   We will be amending  the Park Rules to reflect these changes. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.