Multi Generation Family Opening Christmas Presents In Front Of T

Christmas celebrations at Raylands Country Park

Christmas is always a special time of the year with people uniting with their friends and family, and here at Raylands Country Park it’s no different as owners who have loved-ones in the area begin to arrive throughout December. It’s a time when owners can enjoy cosy winter evenings in their holiday homes, or socialise […]

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Discover a sense of community at Raylands Country Park

Having a sense of community can affect many aspects of our lives. Feeling like we are able to contribute and belong has a number of benefits for mental health and wellbeing, particularly as we get older, but it can be missing from many areas of the country. At Raylands Country Park, community is something our […]

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How a spot of tranquil country living at Raylands could be just what the doctor ordered

It sounds a bit obvious, and we have always known, but it’s now official that taking a holiday could help you live longer. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Ageing has published the findings of a 40-year study, which concluded that participants who took longer holidays enjoyed a more relaxed lifestyle – giving them better […]

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Explore West Sussex from your Raylands Holiday Home

Whatever your interests and hobbies, there’s no shortage of attractions, events and natural beauty in the towns and landscapes surrounding Raylands Park. From shopping trips to stately home visits, sports and family activities, this wonderful corner of the UK really does have it all. Here we’ve shared a few favourite days out that can be […]

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Socialise and make new friends at the Raylands Club House

Our onsite Club House is a place where holiday home owners can come together and socialise, build friendships and enjoy a host of fantastic events. Open all year round (except for the few weeks in January when the park is closed for maintenance), the Club House is extremely welcoming and has a fully licensed bar. […]

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How a luxurious holiday home could be perfect for your UK base

Many Brits living abroad are still keen to keep a UK base to spend quality time with their loved-ones, or as a place to escape to during extreme temperatures over the summer months. Whilst many will choose to purchase a flat or house, a holiday home on a maintained park could actually be the perfect […]

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Fancy a new luxury holiday home? Take a look at what’s for sale on our new development

With our new development now completed, we have a number of holiday homes for sale. Set on the edge of the park to make the most of our beautiful surroundings, the development is the perfect tranquil setting to escape to. Please see information below about a selection of the luxury holiday homes that are currently […]

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Tranquil country-living at our new development

Tranquil country-living at our new development How would you like to own a luxurious holiday home that comes with the countryside on your doorstep for less than £70,000? We’re delighted to have completed our new development and now have brand new stylish holiday homes which could be perfect for you. The new development Set on […]

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